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William Small uses Lucas Transmission Fix in 2000 Ford Explorer XLS

I had never serviced the transmission in my Explorer, guess I thought it would last forever.My automatic transmission started to slip occasionally when shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear. I ignored it until it was doing it all the time.I changed the filter and fluid and it did nothing to help it, so I ignored it some more, after all, it still got me where I wanted to go.I was researching my issue on the net and my problem wasn't really common, but the results I got almost always pointed to lucasoil.com and their Transmission Fix testimonials.

I added one and a half bottles to the fluid and hoped for the best. Drove it maybe 500 miles and not much happened until...later...

The Explorer had other problems, it was cold outside, and we had other cars to drive so I parked it. My buddy ran across at least two wrecked Explorers and begged me to buy one for the tranny, but I resisted. After 9 months went by and new wheel bearings, brakes, tires, and a tune up, I decided to get it out and drive it some.

After another 1,000 miles of driving, the transmission has been healed! It shifts perfectly now, cold or hot. There is only one conclusion I can come to - Lucas Transmission Fix has fixed my Explorer transmission and I would not say this if I didn't believe it 100%

-Exploring again in Kentucky

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