Extreme Pressure Valve Train Grease

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Extreme Pressure Valve Train Grease

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Extreme Pressure Valve Train Synthetic Grease contains special bonding agents that create a powerful lubricant film between moving metal surfaces. This film can withstand extreme heat and mechanical pressure to keep metal parts separated, protecting them from scoring and seizing.

Key Benefits

  • Greatly reduces friction on moving parts to prevent galling
  • Excellent adhesion quality
  • Excellent on all surfaces requiring an extreme pressure lubricant
  • Perfect for assembly lube on rod bolts
  • Protects pushrod ends on initial start up
  • Essential for roller lifters, rockers, pushrods and camshafts


  • #10563 - 1 Ounce Tube


Technical Data Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Darren Bell uses Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak for 1986 Chevy S-10

Dear Lucas Oil,

I have a 1986 Chevy S-10 pick-up that "was" leaking power steering fluid out the front seal of the pump so badly it left trails across the hood and the fender well. Not to mention getting on the exhaust manifold. I had to add fluid everytime I drove it anywhere.

I saw your commercial on TV and bought some stop leak to try it out. I drained old fluid from the pump reservoir and added Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak and in just two days of driving the leak stopped. I haven't had to add any fluid for a month now.

I am sold and a believer in your wonderful, money saving products! I do my own auto repairs and the less the better. Especially costly leak repairs.

Thank you very much,

Darren Bell

Coos Bay, Oregon

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