Transmission Fix

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Transmission Fix

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Lucas Transmission Fix is a non-solvent formula that stops slip, hesitation and rough shifting in worn transmissions and completely eliminates most seal leaks. Use in any transmission for preventative maintenance. Use also in light duty manual transmissions to increase shifting ease and transmission life.

Key Benefits

  • Contains no solvents
  • Lowers operating temperatures and stops foaming
  • Can be added to existing fluid without draining any out
  • Effective in an extremely high percentage of cases


  • #10009 - 700ml (Case of 12)


Product Spec Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Caleb Carr uses Lucas Transmission Fix

Over this past Memorial Weekend, two friends and I drove from our homes in Mid-Michigan to visit some college friends now living in Tuscaloosa, Al. Without your product, we never would have made it home on time.

In the middle of Kentucky, about seventy miles south of Lexington, my friend who was driving(joe, who also happens to be an ameteur mechanic) noticed that the transmission was slipping... badly. He'd had similar experiences before wile racing and working on his own cars, and knew that this was a herold of worse things to come. Luckily, before permanent damage could be done to the transmission , Joe pulled us safely to the middle of the road. We were now limping through the middle of the state over 800 miles from the nearest "home" we could think of.

Thinking back to his amatuer racing days, Joe remebered Transmission Fix product, and we moseyed (at 15 mph) over 12 miles to a nearby auto parts store. twenty-four fluid ounces of Lucas Transmission Fix later, we were northward-bound again. ten hours later, we arrived home, with a working car and atransmission in good enough shape to be easily fixed rather than overhauled. Thanks to your product, what could have resulted in a band of friends stranded away from home, work, and comfort ended up in a successful trek across nearly 800 miles. Thanks to you for fine products, and be assured that your company now has three loyal and indebted customers who will certainly recommend your product to their friends, family, and those in need.


Caleb Carr

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