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Mark Benninghoff uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for 1994 Ford F-250

I have been using your products since 1991, changing my oil around 3500 miles, I'm happy to say I hit 200,000 miles while pulling a loaded fifth wheel horse trailer through the mountains. This is quite a mile-stone for this vehicle. It is a 1994 Ford F-250 with a 5.8 litre gas engine/automatic, not your typical heavy tow vehicle. She is all original except for the starter and tune-ups and runs like new, absolutely no engine noise. This is my city jobsite/out on the town and everyday driver. Nobody believes the miles on this vehicle, thanks to Lucas Oil Stabilizer, which was added at every oil change, I have no doubt I can go another 200,000.

Also have been using this in a 1994 E-150 300 six cyl. It is in the city of Chicago almost everyday and has 186,000 miles on her. My father has a 1957 Christ-Craft powerboat with a 131 h.p. 6 cyl. It began to puff a little blue smoke at start up a few years back, now that we’re using the Oil Stabilizer and Upper Cylinder Lube the problem is gone. The mechanics at the marina were so impressed, they’re using it on the classic boats now.


Mark Benninghoff

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