Extreme Duty Marine ATF

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Extreme Duty Marine ATF

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Lucas Extreme Duty Marine ATF is a blend of specific synthetic base oils and a special Lucas additive package designed to create a high friction fluid that allows shifting clutches in the transmission to lock up and engage quickly. A faster shift means less clutch slippage, therefore, less heat and wear in the transmission.

Fortified with special synthetic additives that coat moving parts to protect against rust and moisture during storage.

Key Benefits

  • Pure Synthetic
  • High performance, high torque, non-electronic shift transmissions. Ensures firm shifting which improves performance and prolongs clutch-life
  • An easy flowing fluid with superior heat transfer capabilities
  • Expect excellent performance cold or hot
  • Contains special anti-foaming agents
  • A stable long life fluid - perfect for irregular maintenance
  • Safely blends with other synthetic & non-synthetic fluids


  • #10651 - 1 Quart (Case of 6) - 13 lbs


Product Spec Sheet Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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Robert Welk uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer for 1991 Chevrolet Caprice

Dear folks at Lucas Oil:

About four months ago I came across Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in one of our local Advance Auto Parts stores. I changed the oil in my 1991 Chevrolet caprice wagon with close to 140,000 miles at the time and put in a quart of the product. I don't fail to do the same every oil change now.

The product has already shown me an increase in fuel mileage per gallon, made the engine run smoother and also helped rid a rear main seal oil leak. Tuesday night of this week the thermostat stuck and the engine heat went out of sight on the gauge and the red "idiot light" came on for the first time in the seven years that I've owned the car. I thought I'd lost the engine. Not. thanks to the superior lubricating and protective properties of the Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer the engine suffered NO damage, and once I got the hermostat housing cooled down, the thermostat unstuck and coolant back into the cooling system from the reservoir, the car drove the remaining four miles home without incident.

The next day the car drove just like always, smooth performance and normal engine temperature. I believe that without the product in my engine I'd be replacing the motor now. My wife's car also has the product in the crankcase and both cars will continue to have it installed EACH oil change.

Thank you,

Robert Welk

Martinez, GA

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