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Testimonials for Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer

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I would like to start letting you know what I think of your great oils etc. I bought a 2000 NISSAN PATROL 4.2 TURBO DIESEL with 160.000 klm’s on the clock back in 2005, soon as I got it, I am using your product called HEAVY DUTY OIL STABILIZER, mixing 1 litre to 9 litres of diesel oil. I change the oil and additive every 15.000 klm’s. The motor had done 518.000 klm’s when I decided to drop the sump and put a new set of mains and big end shells in her. WHEN I ROLLED THEM OUT, to my surprise, THEY WERE LIKE NEW, I could have put them back, BUT, I REPLACED THEM ANY Way with genuine Nissan parts. The motor has done 618.000 klm’s since and is still not using water OR OIL PERIOD. I have being using your product’s for well over 15 years plus, even when racing speedway. What I would like to say, is that I WILL NOT USE ANY OTHER BRAND BUT YOURS FULL STOP, and am always telling my mates about your great oils etc. I am 74 young and still do all my own mechanical work, up to this day. Please believe me on this matter, as it is a GENUINE STORY (no bull), and I will continue using you GREAT PRODUCTS to the end. I would like to close now by saying congratulations on such a GREAT product. I expect to get well over 800.000 klm’s out of my motor thanks to your great oils. I felt I had to let the head office know, direct, so that you would get my GENUINE feed back. Many many thanks again, your loyal customer in down under Australia. -Len W.

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer "Works Miracles"

"My buddies 5.9 360 on his 1996 dodge ram 1500 needed an oil change. Keep in mind this engine has 260,000 miles on it. As he was pulling in my driveway it started knocking. We decided to change the oil in the morning. When we were at the store we picked up some Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer and put that plus 4 quarts of high mileage part synthetic in. Started her up......the knocking was gone. I absolutely could not believe it. Your product works miracles." -John Bye

Lucas Oil Stabilizer Saves Joe's Elantra

"I was having a misfire in my 2002 Hyundai Elantra. Oil was seeping into the spark plug wells. My engine had been running rough, as well, and the misfire kept getting worse. Went to the auto parts shop and they flat out recommended Lucas Oil Stabilizer to fix all the problems. After adding the appropriate 20-25% ratio, the car IMMEDIATELY stopped misfiring and it got better power in the low end, something I had missed for a while. The car runs smoother and is even quieter now! What an amazing product. You guys really live up to the slogan 'It works!' " -Joe DeChristina

190,000 Miles on Cavalier Thanks to Lucas Oil Stabilizer

"My 94 Chevrolet Cavalier has 190,000 miles on the original engine thanks to Lucas Oil Stabilizer. I use a quart at every oil change and we go between 4- 5,000 miles between changes." -Jack Mayoffer

Brad Uses Lucas Oil Stabilizer Every Oil Change

"I purchased a Ford Focus brand new in 2007. Every since my first oil change I have used 1 qt of Lucas. The car still runs great today and I have never had any problems with the engine. It even seems to have more power than it did when it was new. I would recomend Lucas Oil Stabilizer for anyone to use in any engine." -Brad Tribble

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak and Oil Stabilizer Works For Austin's Impreza

"I have a 95 subaru impreza, it has 259,000 miles. If I didn't use your heavy duty oil stabilizer it would burn a quart of oil every thousand miles. With your stabilizer I never have to add oil between changes. I also use your power steering stop leak! It never leaked but in the summer time it would whine like an old ford and it would quit working. Now with your stop leak it doesn't whine or quit. Thanks a bunch!" -Austin Bingman

Mechanic Shocked with How Clean Engine Was

"A few years back, I had my 2001 Ford F-350 diesel engine removed to replace a leaking oil pan. While out my mechanics told me my engine was extremely clean for one with 90,000 miles on it. I can only conclude it is because I use the Lucas oil treatment in every oil change since the truck was brand new. They said they would probably have to agree with me. They took pictures for me to look at after they put the engine back together, and they were right, the engine looked brand new. Literally nothing on anything, it looked as if it was never used. Good product, Thanks." -Thomas Rose

Mark Uses Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer in Every Vehicle

"I have used the heavy duty oil additive in every vehicle that I own, 1988 Suzuki Samurai with 200,000 miles, 1996 Suzuki Sidekick with 147,000 miles, 2002 Dodge Ram 1500 with 237,000 miles and a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan with 157,000 miles. Recently my Truck that has a 5.9L(360) in it, started to idle rough. Found out that it was the heads that Dodge puts on these motors. Flame hardened on the combustion chambers, one exhaust valve had burnt through the seat, which is not replaceable. 237,000 miles on this motor and the push rods, lifters, cam, rocker arms looked excellent. Previously, at around 198,000 miles, I had removed the pan to check and clean after I discovered a leak in the timing cover right behind the water pump( oil/ water in pan) and removed one main and one rod bearing. To my delight, both looked in great shape and checked out fine. Thanks to one quart of LUCAS oil additive with every oil change (5000 miles). I also use the fuel injection cleaner to o. Will be trying some other Lucas products very soon. Thanks so much for keeping my vehicles in clean running condition." -Mark Drummond

Lucas Oil Stabilizer After Every Free Oil Change

"I own a 2008 F150 with a 5.4L Triton, They are known to have that dreaded "cam phaser" sound. Ever since I bought it and changed my own oil I have used Lucas Oil Stabilizer and had hardly any of that "dieseling" sound. But recently I had the oil changed for free of charge at teh dealer and they of course didnt put an Lucas product in and I swore it was making a louder than normal sound from the engine. So I carefully drained off a qt of oil and replaced it with Lucas Oil Stabilizer and almost immediately the sound went away and sounded like she always has. So I guess that will be my routine now after I get my free oil changes at eh dealer. Thanks for making such a kick ass product!!!" -Scot Shamet

Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer Delivers for Malibu Classic

"I have an 81 Chevy Malibu Classic, with a 350 5.7 liter small block motor.I had this motor installed back in 2004,it`s now 12-2-14. It now has about 80,000 miles on her. It doesn`t smoke or burn a lick of oil, plus the oil pressure stay`s at 60 lbs. It`s because I've alway's added a quart of Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer, with 4 quarts of 20W 50 motor oil. This stuff does what it says. It's worth the extra $10.00 each and every oil change. Thanks for the best stuff out there." -Malibu Man from Kenner, LA