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Slick Mist Line and Metal Polish Outperforms the Competition

"I used to use a rainbow of different products before using Lucas Oil Slick Mist products as well as Metal Polish and I do not regret switching to using nothing but Lucas products. I have seen drastic differences between other companies' so-called "fast waxes". The Slick Mist product simply does a far better job at providing a top notch shine to the finish no matter the application whether it be interior, exterior or tires. Even the Metal Polish provided incredible results on extremely dull chrome. It brought the chrome on my truck back to its original shine. Definitely using the Lucas Oil and buying an American Made product." -Adam G

Lucas Slick Mist Tire and Trim Shine is the Real Deal

"I have bought and tried almost every 'Back to Black' product on the market and they did not work as advertised. I found Tire and Trim on clearance at a local big box store and figured I would try it for my tires ,read the label and found out great for faded black trim,go ahead and impress me I thought, to my surprise it worked great.Tire and Trim removed almost all other crud and wax that I used to try and bring back the black, it shines perfectly ,easy to apply and buff to a shine. 'It Works'" -Darrin G.

Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax is the Best Wax Julius has Used in over 30 Years

"I just want to say about a week ago I was at true value store in Painesville twp. in Ohio. I purchased the Lucas speed wax and tire shine. I took the items home and clean my vehicle I couldn't believe how awesome this product is. I can tell you I have been detailing cars since I was 13. I am here to tell you I am 52 now. I am hooked on Lucas products. I just went back and purchased more. I have told all of my friends about the product. I even suggested to my police chief that we use the speed and tire spray on our police vehicles. Thank you so much for this product. I am truly happy. I wish I had heard about this product before." -Julius Ponder

Recently switched to Lucas products and love them

I have a 2012 genesis coupe show car and just recently switched to Lucas products and love them. Especially the spray wax. I use it at the shows and get an amazing shine. I was using garage one pro shine and had a coupon for the Lucas so gave it a shot and absolutely jaw dropping. My carbon fiber looks like a mirror.

We use Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax at our airport on our airplaines.

We use Lucas Slick Mist Speed Wax at our airport on our airplaines. It is the best product we have found to keep bugs from sticking to leading edges. Finney's Airpark Indiana.

I love your wax.

Dear Lucas Oil Products,

I'm a people greeter at Wal-Mart in Coolidge, AZ. I do my job from my own handicapped scooter that I transport on the back of my truck. I asked my husband to get me some wax so I could clean the scooter when I get to work everyday. So he comes home with your spray wax that is in the blue bottle so I tried it. The first thing was that the smell was wonderful, second it works great, and last my scooter shines all day long while I'm at work. Now a days people always complain about something so I thought for a change I would write to you and let you know how much I love your wax.


Debbie Beveridge

Finally... a product that exceeds expectations.

Finally... a product that exceeds expectations. I am over 60 & I have used 100's of different waxes, polishers, hand glazes. In less than 30 minutes of effortless & enjoyable wiping, 99.99% of all surface scratches were gone. Our 2011 Sonata looks like it was dipped in clearcoat once again.... Thank you -Derek

It's so easy to use I even wax my farm tractor.

Last summer I tried your speed wax. I couldn't believe how easy, and fast it was to use.I used to use paste wax ,but your product works a lot better,and the wax lasts just as long as any paste wax. I'm so glad I discovered Lucas Oil Speed Wax. It's so easy to use I even wax my farm tractor. Thank you and please keep up the great work, with your great products.

Sincerely,Scott Starkey

The detailer brought the surface of the seat back to near new condition.

Sometimes chance encounters result in benefits beyond expectations. I had just such an encounter recently at the Florida State Championship of the Crappie Masters tournament. I was assigned to fish on media day with pro crappie anglers Matt Morgan and Kent Watson. For us media types it was a chance to fish with a crappie pro and learn some tips; for the pros it was another day of pre-fishing before the tournament began. As we fished and talked, Morgan and Watson mentioned the importance of boat maintenance to their tournament efforts. “Regular boat maintenance keeps us on the water fishing, instead of broke down somewhere waiting for a mechanic,” Morgan said. “You can’t win if your not fishing and the crappie don’t wait.” I discovered in that short conservation that Lucas Oil Marine Products was one of the team’s sponsors. Matt commented that every fluid in their tournament boat was available from Lucas Oil. “They make a great product, one that I have complete confidence in, Morgan said. At this point Morgan mentioned a partnership between Lucas Oil and Ranger Boats that highlights the quality of the Lucas products. The partnership, know as a "Factory Fill" program, uses several key Lucas products in the Ranger manufacturing process. If this is not a solid testimonial, I don’t know what is. The result is Ranger boats that come off the assembly line already filled with Lucas hydraulic steering fluid, grease and marine engine oil. Ranger obviously has great confidence that the use of Lucas products will keep their boats in top working condition and improve consumer satisfaction. Additionally, Ranger customers receive a pre-packaged sample kit of other Lucas Oil products with a boat purchase. The kit includes the company’s highly acclaimed Slick Mist speed wax and interior detailer. It also contains samples of Lucas fishing reel oil, fuel injector cleaner, ethanol treatment and trim and tire shine. "We're passionate about fishing and boating," said Jamie Devney, Director of Sales and Marketing/Team Lucas. It doesn't matter if you're a weekend angler or serious tournament fisherman; Lucas Oil marine products enhance the performance of any boat. Combine that with so many award winning products designed to help take care of tow vehicles, and we feel like our partnership with Ranger Boats is a perfect fit. At the end of the day we had boated several crappie and picked out the biggest for the traditional media day weigh-in. As we left the boat, Matt Morgan gave me a bottle of Lucas Slick Mist Interior Detailer and asked me to give it a try. Two days later I was washing my boat and notice the condition of my vinyl upholstery. I still had the Sick Mist in my car so I decided to give it a try. The accompanying photo tells the story better than I can. You can easily see the before and after results of using the Lucas Interior Detailer on my seats. The detailer brought the surface of the seat back to near new condition. It is easy to use, simply spraying on and wiping off. It also cleaned and brightened the various plastic cowlings and backing plates on my dash. I give it a 5 star rating. The product is a water based product, which scientist label pH neutral, and it delivered a great restore job on my seats. The stuff can be used on rubber, plastic, leather and of course vinyl. Better yet, it includes UV additives that help prevent cracking and fading from being exposed to the sunlight. That feature alone is worth the cost of the product. So, there you are. That simple fishing trip turned me into a maintenance savvy boater and a fan of Lucas Hi Performance oil products. Capt. Ron Presley

I was so impressed with the product that I have encouraged my friends to try it also.

Hello. I just wanted to say how pleased I am with your Lucas Slick Mist. I drive a 2007 Dodge Nitro & love to keep it clean. I have tried many different waxes but none have brought that SunBurst Orange color out like the Lucas Slick Mist. I find it keeps the bugs, bird droppings & sap from the trees from sticking to the paint. I was so impressed with the product that I have encouraged my friends to try it also. Many have & are now loyal Lucas Slick Mist fans. I am excited to try more of the Lucas cleaning products this spring. Please send any info on your products that would be best for my Nitro & our Nova Scotia weather.

Kerry Maughan