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Testimonials for Transmission Fix

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Lucas Transmission Fix Stops 2003 Taurus From Slipping

"I bought a used 2003 Ford Taurus with 80,000 miles in great shape. When the transmission was cold it shifted into reverse just fine. When it warmed up it slipped considerably when shifting into revese only. There was no problem in all forward gears. I added a bottle of Transmission Fix and it reduced the slipping. I then drained the transmission fluid from the pan, changed the filter and refilled the transmission fluid using another bottle of Transmission Fix. After driving it a few miles and warming up it shifted into reverse just fine and the problem was solved with no further slipping. I was amazed!" -J. Noonan

Lucas Transmission Fix Gets F-150 Running Like it Should

"I just used this product in my 1995 F-150 Pickup.. My transmission was slipping between second and third gear. I drove it about 10 miles and now it is running like it should.. Works great.. I would tell a friend!" -Roger B.

Lucas Transmission Fix Works Miracle on Ford Contour

"My old 1997 Ford Contour with 144,000 miles starting slipping while I was driving on the Interstate. Car would slow down while engine revved higher/ Nothing I did changed the problem, shifting into 3rd ect. I was told I needed a new Transmission. Did some research on-line and found a lot of testimonials. I put one half bottles in transmission and no more slip! A true miracle and saved me 2800.00! Thank you Team Lucas!!" -Michael J.

Lucas Transmission Fix Fixes Lag in 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo

"My 2002 Chevy Monte Carlo had a slight transmission lag in the shift pattern over time. The car has 125K miles so I started to look for a maintenance solution. Local mechanics advised against getting a transmission machine flush service. They recommended removing 24 ounces of the old fluid from the transmission and replace with Lucas Transmission Fix. Followed that advice and what an immediate improvement I noticed. The car shifts smooth with no lag, this is an excellent product. I am sold on Lucas products." -Jim Clark

Lucas Transmission Fix Saves Larry's '05 Dakota

"My Dodge Dakota 2005 got a 700 code for the transmission The shop wanted $814.00 to put a new shift solenoid in Well I got some fluid out and put your Lucas in and by god less than a 100 miles later light went out and the truck shift like new. Thank you Lucas you got my vote!" -Larry Anger

Lucas Transmission Fix Saves Surburban for the Holidays

"I have a 1999 Chevy Suburban K1500 4 Wheel Drive with 186,000 miles. Over the holiday weekend our transmission starts to slip and hesitate. Got home, checked over fluid levels, all within limits. When in trouble I always call my big brother Dave! He says "Drop in a bottle of Lucas transmission fix, run on the highway for a bit, and call me tomorrow." Boom! Hesitation gone. Slip gone! Slight shudder gone! Trans now feels smoother, shifts firmer, cleaner, quicker. A simple yet elegant fix in a bottle. Thank you, Lucas from my family to yours. Happy Holidays!" -Roy Rasche

Lucas Transmission Fix Smooth As Silk

"I have a '94 Ford F150, hard shift between 2nd and 3rd. Added 1 bottle of Lucas Transmission Fix, started manual shifting between 2nd and 3rd for about 3 weeks and then went back to pulling out in drive hoping for the best. It is working smooth as silk! Thanks Lucas for a fine product." -Steve Elswick

Lucas Oil Products Helps Dodge Caravan Towing A Trailer 1,500 Miles

Actually from Canada but get down to Texas. I have a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan with a 3.3 litre engine and 4 speed transmission with 200,000 miles. Doesn't burn oil and the tranny is good and said I would keep it until one of those gave out. We took a 1,500 mile trip last month with it in the mountains towing a trailer with a ton of furniture to my son's new home. Lucas oil treatment saved the engine from overheating when we went up passes. When the tranny started to clunk, clunk badly Lucas transmission treatment got us home. And it is still going. Unbelievable. -Al Anthony

Oil Stabilizer and Transmission Fix Keep '87 T-Bird Rolling

I had an 87 Ford t bird with several noise and hesitation problems. Tranny resisted shifting, rod starting to knock and cam tappets wearing out. 154,582 miles and I dropped in oil stabilizer and transmission fix and the car drove smooth and quiet for another 129,759 almost trouble free miles. I say Almost because it was after all an 80's Ford. I now swear by all Lucas products. -Mathew Hamel

Lucas trans- mission!!!

Have used Lucas oil in my transmission for many a mile. I now call it my Lucas trans- mission!!! Now have over 611,000 miles; and, the transmission is original!!! It is a Ford E-350.Might be a good advertising opportunity? Maybe not that uncommon but when I happen to mention it ,people can't hardly believe the miles! -Rich Broadwater