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Testimonials for Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner

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Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner Does The Trick for F-650 Work Truck

"My work truck, a 2014 Ford F-650 V-10 with only 20k miles started running very poorly recently. The engine was running roughly, the CEL was almost always on, there was an ammonia smell from the exhaust, plus it would emit a cloud of white smoke that smelled like unburned gasoline a few times a day. Power was way down. The exhaust emmisions even caught on fire TWICE! It was into the Ford dealership twice where they changed the O2 sensor, the catalytic converter and the air filter, all to no avail at all. Yesterday I decided to buy a bottle of Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner. I put in the bottle this morning, then filled the gas tank and started my work day. Not only are ALL of the abovementioned symptoms completely now gone, the truck is getting about 1 mpg better gas mileage, which is huge, since it was getting 3 mpg before. Thank you Lucas! Can't wait to tell my employers how "I" fixed their truck!" -Michael M.

Lucas Deep Clean Fixes Starvation Issue in 2003 Toyota Echo TRD

"My 2003 Toyota Echo TRD developed a starvation issue during acceleration or when the engine was running on the choke. Naturally, the CEL was on for a sensor related to the fuel system in the gas tank. Before opening the tank, we started with a cheaper solution: a bottle of Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner. Took less than 100 miles to unclog whatever caused the problem." -Nic Tardif

Deep Fuel System Cleaner Fixed '06 Mazda Injector Problem

Lucas Oil, I now love you guys and will be using more of your products that apply to my needs over other 'trusty' brand names based on the results of using your Deep Fuel System Cleaner. My back story is with a 2006 Mazdaspeed6, direct injection, turbo awd. These cars have injector issue's across the board seemingly from being direct injection and carbonization build up from a EGR system. OE injectors are available at a ridiculous $340 CDN price per injector. The carbonized injector issues cause consistent misfires on Cyl #2 and random misfires to be registered by the ECU - mazda DTC p0302 and p0300 respectively. Reading up on the forums regarding the cause and deciding against replacing all four injectors, I tried out your Deep Fuel System Cleaner. Not one regret what-so-ever. Ended up using two bottles over 2.5 tanks of gas back to back and it literally fixed my problems. I have to close to 200,000km's on the stock block and these injectors have been known to fail well (far) below that distance. The block is now quieter during all driving conditions, runs better as a whole, especially off the line during 'spirited side by side vehicle comparison testing' and your product has put the Speed back into my vehicles name plate. Two things I noticed was it seems to act like an octane booster as well. Using a full bottle on a 45L fill up, my car literally came alive and entered beast mode on its own. Who doesnt want that? Second was, the engine warmed up noticeably faster during cold starts on freezing mornings after sitting for hours over night. I'm contemplating continually spreading out a bottle over several tanks since one bottle is able to treat a good volume of fuel to keep it running smoothly, efficiently and cleanly. I've already recommended this to two forums and my local Mazda dealership and I'll continue to recommend it. Now to see what else you offer than I can use. Lucas Oil, thank you very very much. -Dave B. from Vancouver

Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner Resolves 9-Year Problem

"I've got a 2004 Nissan Titan that I bought new. It has had a a couple of noisy fuel injectors for 9 or the 10 years that I've owned the truck. I've run several of the other well known brands of fuel system cleaners through it over the years with some degree of success in terms of how well the engine ran, etc., but the injector noise never went away. I eventually just chalked it up to bad QC on the part of the manufacturer, but the truck ran fine, so I just accepted it. The truck is now a back up vehicle, so it doesn't get used much. I decided to get some fuel system cleaner and did a little research since I couldn't find my usual cleaner that I run. Lucas Oil Deep Clean was suggested as being one of the best on the market, so I bought some, dumped it in and drove around enough to get it through the entire system. I parked the truck for a couple days and then drove it again last night. What a difference. The truck started better, idled smoother, and as I drove it, I realized that the injector noise was gone! I'm hoping that it will also help increase gas mileage, but that will be harder to determine since the truck doesn't get used much. The difference? Based on my research, PEA (poly ether amine) is the best fuel system cleaner, carbon deposit remover, etc. out there, and Lucas Oil has it in their product. I don't believe testimonials when I read them; so it's understandable if you don't believe mine, but this stuff took care of an issue that I've been living with for 9 YEARS!" -Jason Bowker

Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner

Hello. My name is Jon Marshall and I have been bragging to everyone about your product I used in my 86 Suburban that has it running great since I added it to my tank. I use Lucas Oil Deep Clean Fuel System CleanerIt is the best stuff i have ever used. I wish I could afford it more often, but man, this stuff works great. The cost totally compensates for the way it works.thanks so much.

Jon Marshall Heber City, Utah

It is running better now at 276K than it did at 40K!

I recently purchased your Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner. I have always had problems with fuel system on my wife's 2002 Ford Escape as it seems to get gunked up very quickly by the 10% ethanol in gas. I have had to replace some expensive componets directly and indirectly related to the fuel system. Anyway, I poured a bottle of your Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner into a full tank of gas and my wife drove it for the week running all the fuel through until the fuel light came on. Last weekend I took it to run an errand and could not believe the difference. It is running better now at 276K than it did at 40K! The idle is steady, so steady that several times I wasn't sure if the engine was running or not. It runs so smoothly now and accelerates much better than it ever has. It is now possible that I will be able to keep this vehicle for at least 50-100k longer. I will be using this on my other 2 vehicles as well. Thank you for a superior product! Best $10 I ever spent!

Dave's 88 Jaguar XJS V12 had a rough idle until Lucas Deep Clean fixed it up

Hi, I just bought an 88 Jag XJS V12. The car had been run but not driven in a few months. It idled rough at first but tightening the loose throttle linkage and cleaning and resetting intake leveled it out. The idle was still low and unless you press the throttle slowly there is a hesitation, sometimes it even stalls. The fuel pump and filter are new, so I checked those off the list. I pulled the plugs and the base rings had quite a bit of carbon on them and I planned on replacing them. I was also concerned about my injectors. The cost of a simple tune up like replacing spark plugs and injectors on a Jaguar V12 is astronomical compared to a $12 bottle of your \Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner\ so I got some.  This stuff really works! I put it in last night, ran the car for about 20min and again for about 10min today. I didn't even drive it yet, maybe hit 3,000 rpm a couple times. I pulled a  couple plugs tonight and you can already see where its cleaning carbon deposits off the base ring. I'm sure my injectors are loving it too! The idle is already closer to where it should be and the hesitation is less prominent. I'm confident it will only improve once I can drive it around. I've already recommended it to all my friends.

Thank you Lucas Oil for another great product!Dave Fullington

Bruce Morton says Lucas Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner makes his Nissan Altima w/ 175,000 miles run like new

Hi, I wanted you to know that I used your Deep Clean Fuel System Cleaner and the results were impressive. I took my car to get it smogged, it is a 2005 Nissan Altima with 175,000 miles. The Smog Service Technician was shocked. He said that it tested like a new car.I had filled up my tank (20 Gallons) and added your product and took it to the smog test. Great Products! My car starts faster and runs better.Take car,Sincerly Bruce Morton

Bobby Taylor Uses Lucas Deep Clean To Overcome The Ethanol In His Local Fuel Supply.

I have an older Ford Taurus, runs ok. Just recently it started choking at startups and at lights.  Never done that before, autoparts clerk said they were using ethanol in the local gas he found out. He recommended Lucas gas treatment, I poured some in, and have not had a problem with rough starts or idles since.

Bobby Taylor

Stephen R. DeBence Describes Lucas Deep Clean as \Magic\ Liquid Cleaner for the Fuel System

Dear Sirs;I am writing your company, after using your Fuel Injector Deep Clean new product. We purchased it at: Kragen-O’Riley Auto Parts Store in Murrieta. The young store clerk said “It was so new that it was not on the shelf yet and he would get a bottle from the stock room. He said it was terrific and sold most of it already. “ (I was ready to try something after no luck in start problem.)Here is the full story: We have a ’96 Ford Windstar 3.8L V6 with 177,000 miles on her, used in our business, driving all over the country. Last week, NO START!! We had the fuel pump replaced and a couple of relays, new ground wire for the computer. It started but very hard, almost killing the battery. Once running about close to normal… in the 17F. to 40F. mornings of last week: No start. After battery charge and some bad words, we got her running but were afraid to go any distance.We purchased a bottle of your liquid “MAGIC” as mentioned and poured it in the ½ full tank (12 Gallons) right in front of the store. Within ten minutes the engine gained power and at the stop light, it ran so smooth I thought it had stalled out!!!!! Wait, there is more….. When I drove home (ten minutes), I let the engine run for about another ten minutes at about 1,100 RPM to charge the battery up for a good start the next morning.You would not believe this. Next morning, 18F. I turned the key to start the car and in an instant the engine started!!!!! I thought I was dreaming. I warmed it up and the engine was running so smooth. Never like this before…… Well, I thought I would shut it off and see if it would start up again. In an instant, and running again! I drove the van myself on some business calls and put another half tank of gas in and another bottle of DEEP CLEAN.

Almost a week gone, the van starts and runs great. I am sure you know as I do now, that the injectors were carbonized, leaking and sticking. Well they are almost as good as new (about $400 a set). I am still going to change the sensors after 15 years. We were stumped, because everything checked out, Spark, Compression, Timing, Injector Pulse, Fuel Pressure, Ect. I have never written anybody in my life about their products, but I am writing you and I wish to thank you for this wonderful liquid cleaner. You have my best regards and I will be using Deep Clean once a month, FOR SURE!!

After previous 40 years in the Auto – Aircraft – Gas Turbine and Electrical / Electronics Business, I take my hat off to you!Best Regards,Stephen R. DeBence