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348,000 Miles on 2004 Porsche Cayenne with Lucas

"I own a 2004 Porsche Cayenne and have 348,000 miles. I contribute the high milage on this vehicle to the use regular Lucas gas additives. Nobody believes I have that milage on it and I tell them all to use Lucas!" -Mark D. from Philadelphia, PA

Fuel Treatment Stops Stalling in Honda

"My 2001 Honda was stalling every two minutes. I went to my mechanic, he said he was way behind on some cars that he wouldn't be able to see my car until tomorrow. He gave me a small bottle of your fuel injector cleaner. Told me to pour it in the gas tank an drive it for 10 - 15 minutes... It was running smoother then silk after about 10 minutes.. I had never seen a additive of any sort actually work. I put a bottle in each of our cars once a year now. Thanks!" -Frank A.

Lucas Fuel Treatment Gives Tacoma 6+ MPGs

"I have a 2013 Toyota Tacoma and I put 25K miles on my truck a year, I started using Lucas Fuel Treatment about four months ago and my performance and mileage has really gotten better, I went from 23.5 mpg to 29.65 as of this mornings fill up. I was a skeptic but I have measurable data that proves it out. Great product, I run in all three of my vehicles now." -Mike O.

No New Salamander Required, Just a Little Lucas Injector Cleaner.

"I recently had new garage started to be built. since the weather here in Indiana is so cold., due to the late start, my contractor. discovered it was colder then he thought it was going to be. he became sick which left me with numerous little jobs to do and I brought out my trusted salamander heater. so while installing insulation to the inside of my new garage I would fill the heater and use it to make the tempter bearable to work in . Then while working one day the salamander heater would run for a few minutes and then stop. Over and over again I would restart the heater, and it occurred to me this thing works like a jet engine or a carb on a auto engine. I wonder if the jet is clogged up or something else is in the fuel causing this problem. so I had just purchased some of your cleaners for my truck and car as I often do and add it in occasional.. I retrieved the cleaner quart bottle and poured some into the salamander tank. then picked the heater up and shook it back and forth several times. I plugged in the electricity and it started up heating. I noticed the flame seemed brighter and the heat was notability better. soon it was sounding like a solid burning unit. I was a jet engine mechanic in the USAF and I listen to the engine and you can tell when it burns well or not. since that day the heater is working very well and no more shut downs due to what had caused the problem originally. You could advise more of your customers of this little trick to remove any carbon build up on the salamander injectors or the fuel pump, or just deicing the fuel tank. so thank you for all the help. Oh by the way the contractor had the flu and is still healing . I am still doing little things to the inside of my new garage. and the heater is running everyday top notch. "No new salamander required, just a little Lucas injector cleaner." Thank You." -John D Hughes

Smith Racing Team Uses Everything Lucas

"We use all of the Lucas products. they work great . Were the under dogs in are class 8 / heavy metal 78 Ford Bronco. But we finish what we start thanks to Lucas oils. We use it so should you! We run it in the Fuel system to the Power steering, Anything that Lucas makes we use. Lucas is American Real ! great stuff...You better you it and see what it can do for you!" -Shawn with Smith Racing Team

Car gets better mileage and runs smoother

By the way I also want to let you know that since using the Lucas Fuel additive in my 2001 Volvo that the car is running great and the fuel mileage has increased, the car presently has 191,000 miles on it and runs like a new car, so thank you for the additives. I also have been using the product in my wife's Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and again the mileage is better and the car runs smoother. I have recommended it to numerous other people and have gotten the same response on mileage and smooth running.

Rob Refuses To Use Any Other Products

"Hello, my name is Rob. I just wanted to let every person associated with Lucas Oil Products that no matter what additive you produce, each and every one does exactly what it is supposed to do and more. I have been using your products for years, and I refuse to put any other product in any of my vehicles. Great job, awesome products. Keep up with your excellence! Sincerely, Rob Connally"

Karl Thomas uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for 1999 Chevrolet, Astro Van

I have seen your product around for sometime but figured it was nothing more than the stuff you see on T.V., which I have wasted many dollars on. I’ve tried them ALL.

I have a 1999 Chevrolet, Astro Van with 60,000 miles on it and have gotten, almost every time, 16.7 mpg from the get-go. On my last oil change I thought, what the heck, I'll spend the extra $6.95 and see what happens. Well, having 2 cars, I thought I'd just use a half-quart in the Van and wait 1 tank before adding it to the car. Three tanks later on the van I have gotten 19.2 mpg on the highway and 18.8 mpg in the city (lots of stop lights, and 19.2). WOW, a product that does what it says. So it has paid for itself 177 times over? Can that be right? Let's see, 19.06 - 16.7 = 2.5 times 25gal times 3 tanks = 177. Well you get the idea.

Foot Note: The first time I started the van up, the motor sounded healthier. I knew right there I was on to something. It felt like I had invented the wheel. And to think I waited all that time to try LUCAS OIL. I hate to do the math on what I have lost not trying it earlier.


SFC Karl H. ThomasBastrop, TexasBastrop, Texas

Bruce Tetford uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for Mazda 626

Dear Don,

I am writing this letter to inform you of the great results I received from my first use of your products. I was in the past skeptical about additive products but have changed my mind since using LUCAS Oil Products.

The LUCAS Upper Engine Treatment & Fuel Injector had fabulous results my first use. I drive a Mazda 626 and was averaging around 420 to 440 Kilometers per tank of gas. The first time using the above-mentioned products I attained 478 Kilometers on a tank of gas ...

I was extremely happy with the results and have since added the engine treatment and transmission treatment to my car and will continue to use the upper engine treatment also. I will be adding all 3 products to my wife's Ford Explorer and will keep you updated as to the results in both vehicles.

Yours truly,

Bruce TetfordJohn L. Robertson Company Ltd.

Kevin Price uses Lucas Fuel Treatment for 1997 Ford F250 power stroke diesel

Hey Lucas Oil,

I just wanted to say thank you. Ya'll have the BEST product on the market. I will use no other diesel fuel supplement for my 1997 Ford F250 power stroke diesel!!! I have used it several times in my truck (once every few thousand mile) and it consistently boosts my fuel economy. Last week I used it and it improved my mileage from 14.4 mpg to 17.7 mpg. After punching the numbers I found that it really did more than pay for itself!!!

Thanks again,

Kevin B. Price